Sunday, November 16, 2014

Freezing rain

 It's been cold here the last 3 days - especially for Oregon in November. We had freezing rain. 
The leaves just completed their thing and most are still on the trees. 
There was no "inbetween".
I have little flowers covered in sad.  Sleet is so destructive.
Late last night we were in the hot tub and we could hear a tree cracking and then the slow decent.
It snagged and the fell again.
It was disturbing.
I love snow. I love being snowed in. 
Everyone stops.
Everything is beautiful!
It hides all the grime and mud.  
It's always so peaceful.  All sounds are absorbed into the stillness. I'm hoping for a big snow year.


  1. Remember looking out the windown at the Howard Johnson and seeing dolphins our first morning in FL last year?

  2. And i yelled "Sadie, dolphins!' and scared the crap out of her......