Sunday, March 27, 2011

more contemporary

This is my third try....I feel like it still needs something and of course the photo is a bit washed out. I chose a spicy tomato painted trim to compliment the pumpkin shade of Divine Paint. I picked up these tiles (soft yellows and aqua) that are in the center at Habitat.  Some lucky girl had her kitchen back splash done completely in these shiny little gems and they graciously donated the extras.  Very jealous.  I mounted them on a contrasting vintage aluminum roofing piece I found out back of the shop.  I was quite shocked when I actually found what I had envisioned.  It's mounted with 4 vintage wood screws and adorned with a copper starburst.  And for those of you that read yesterdays post.....the black circle is a rubber toilet flush valve that i found new in the original box.  David went with me to Habitat and he was talking to a friend of his who was volunteering.  He was sorting through this box of misc. hardware that had been donated by the Trappist Abbey near Lafayette.  It has these neat bumps and a copper center ring.....a little too cool to use in a toilet.   Well I best finish the other 3 I have started.  I'm still thinking out the possibilities.  I got a vintage cheese box that I painted the interior and it's ready to go.....maybe tomorrow?

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