Saturday, March 26, 2011

I've been trying something new...

Have you ever been to an art gallery and saw artwork you thought was ridiculous and wondered "what was that guy thinking?"....Well I guess that's the path I'm on. People are strange as to what they like.  I've always preferred collage.  I really dig assemblage and found object type creations .  Using items that would normally be tossed or using things for a different purpose seems to spark something in me.  Some people might not call it art, but it takes thought and time finding the right combination textures is intriguing to me. Here are a few reasons that I started in this new direction....1) I have the need to create...I needed to tap into that or I was going to go crazy.....2) I've acquired a lot of really cool hardware that I haven't found a need for with the furniture creations. 3) it's butt crack cold out side and my shop is not pleasant to work in. 4) I'm re-applying to a art show that I've done in years past and I wanted some new things to expand with.  The show called "Cracked Pots".  I was involved for a number of years but leadership has changed and I lost my connection with the gal who knew me. Reapplying is a drag but it keeps me on my toes and it ensures a high quality show.  I needed the time off.  Prepping for the show took weeks of work.  I overheard my daughter say "Mommy is in her shop again...."  I felt kind bad.  It was the tone of her voice and it sounded like I was in there too much.  That's when I decided to take a summer off.  We focused on having fun and one summer became two and now I'm back.  She's got her cousins to play with now and she's more independent.  Some days during the summer she's gone for hours playing....what a life.  This farm is such a treasure.  I wish I could of grown up here.  I had lots of outside fun though.  We lived in the hills outside Eugene.  Lots of fir trees to climb.  I had poison oak and pitch on me most of my life.   anyways.......I've been gone a bit from here too.  Now I'm back.  Here is a photo of one of my creations.  I'll post one photo a day.  Kinda funky stuff.......but it's fun.

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  1. Very nice! Human relationships suggested, questions posed by placement. Best wishes on your juried show.