Monday, January 24, 2011

time to start building....with clay

Today is the first day of Second Semester at my school.  This makes me VERY happy.  I love second semester as all my Art Classes convert to Ceramics!  This is hard work but the kids are happy, eager and Spring is around the corner.  I do think that having something 3 dimensional that actually can be gifted and or be funtional is very important in feeling fufilled.  Being creative is one thing, but incorprating that creative vibe into being handy and productive is an additional accomplishment.  There must be some psychological theory with a fancy name in a very large book or on the internet somewhere proving this but it doesn't even matter.  My kids are happy when they can provide for or fufill a need. That might be by making a napkin holder that's a bit wacky.....but it's usefull.  Everyone likes to be useful. 

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  1. Your husband likes to sit in his armchair and upset the local restaurant owners by writing reviews he thinks are clever and they thing are mean. Perhaps he should take up ceramics.