Sunday, January 23, 2011

impatient just realized the reason I can't stand staining wood is because of the waiting.  It always takes so stinkin' long to watch it dry......even in the sun! My dad likes stain.  He doen't like to cover up the "beautiful wood grain"...but I love color.  Paint is definately where it's at.  I was working on my website this weekend and when the professional (head sister Sheryl) asked for a color scheme. I was giddy!  who knew? I knew.....but it didn't occur to me I could have a scheme.....I just wanted it done!  I think I might be with the stain situation.......hmmm. Did you know you could look up "color schemes for websites" on the internet?  Yes you can....why you ask?  Well it is because you need a special "recipe" for the colors called hex #'s.  I've seen that before in my use of Photoshop, but knew it didn't concern me.  We cruised though a few and I picked one.  Just wanted to move on...  But then I realized I could look at them all......just like paint swatches!  I love paint swatches.  I remember as a kid looking at the brochures with the Glidden paint squares glued all in a row.    The reason I know it was Glidden as that was the paint my father used.  "It's the best......"  The guys down at the Eugene Glidden Paint Store knew him by name.  He was a teacher and a painter during the summer.  Ask me what TSP is and I know from working with my dad.  I too, am a painter.  I was amazed by the names.  "Sediment"...just a fancy name for brown, right?  I've always thought I'd be really good at coming up with the fanciful names.  It's all in the marketing.

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