Sunday, January 2, 2011

doors again

I started thinking about how I've used doors and found this photo.  The photo is a bit slanty, sorry.  It's a hall tree.  The legs were purchased on ebay from back east and originally from an old kitchen table.  The top flips up for hidden storage and I added hooks for keys and a vintage garden tool for decoration.  The door was unusually narrow so it wasn't too heavy.  Weight can be an issue. Once I get all the top quality ingredient together sometime the creation ends up weighing a ton! I hated to see this one go.....but I've learned you can't keep every project.  I often wonder how Ana White finds a place for all the things she builds....I'm betting her friends and family get a rotation.  I should of kept this one.  

Another one of my favorites is this bench.  It has a door frame as part of the back.  I will be making another like this soon as I scored the cedar fence boards this week.  All I need now is to finish my current project, but it's been so stinkin' cold. 

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