Monday, January 17, 2011

finally...I'm done

 I started a project weeks ago.  I started without the proper tools and I am testiment that it was not a good idea to "get by" without them.  I have learned many lessons.  I am now a better carpenter.....a little frayed around the edges, but wiser.  Thank goodness that this is not to be inspected by my father.  I seem to judge my work to his.  I suppose that's a good thing.  He did have his levels of "quality".  If it was to be seen by all and judged there were no shortcuts.  This latest project is for my sanity and for my hubby's clothing.  Since he refuses to actually use his dresser, he is reduced to a cubbie system. (  I have also learned that I prefer natural wood to composite "simulated" wood products.   I hated the drawer hardware.  They were a pansy pieces of put it nicely. Can you tell it was my first time? This was one area that I called in help and luckily he could keep his cool, as I was ready to hock them across the road.  I recently bought a book all about building drawers.  I believe I should sit down and learn. 
  Well today is a new day!  No school, no half done projects haunting me.  The question is...."what shall I build next?" Below is a very bad photo of the finished product.  My apologies for the phone photo, but it's here and paid for so it'll be good for now. ...I think the most important thing on the list today will get cat food. 

There will be no building today.

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