Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Out with the old and in with the new-ish

Goodbye brown stripe.  I buy all my paint on the mistint shelf.  This can be a challenge.  I know my color wheel and am getting pretty dang good at tweaking the colors just so.  The blue/grey on the walls and the teal-grey-green on the cupboards are both "custom".  The savings are huge....but I'm learning it doesn't always work.  Although the recycled the cupboards were sanded the paint just isn't durable enough for the daily use. It didn't want to stick!  My dad always swore by the stuff he called "liquid sandpaper".  It just didn't work well for me this time.  I really needed his expertise.  But unfortunately he is getting too elderly to take to the worksite anymore.  I tried a clear a final clear coat,but in the long run I think I would go with a more durable enamel rather than painting 3-4 coats of a cheaper paint. whew.  Too much work!
These upper (left)  I created.  First attempt ever.  I learned my lesson with these quickly.  My large vintage square is my savior through out this whole job, but not lining shelves up was my mistake.   Although I wanted open shelving, it makes it impossible to put doors on in the future (because they didn't line up with each other.) Keep this in mind. 

New pony wall.  This should of been easy right?  It wasn't as solid as we wanted.  I didn't realis that that you have to frame in glass blocks so I bagged the staggered glass blocks  for the top.  I love glass blocks and I scored a bunch at Habitat for $2 ea.  I was bummed.  But I really like how the wood turned out on it.  I salvaged the tongue and groove from a 100 yr. old house on our farm.  I have wainscotting made with it around my adjoining dining room.  another possible issue is the fridge is pretty snug in it's original spot.  We just won't ever be able to buy a bigger fridge.  The flooring you can see (blue vinyl)  That is the original manufacturers flooring that was in when we purchased our snug little repo.  The "repo" experience was pretty good.  We have so many stories and are quite savy now......but we learned alot!  If anyone ever needs any advice about contracting your own Manufactured home placement or buying a Repo.....feel free to me here.We've been told to write a how-to.  I think we might do that here.

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