Wednesday, December 29, 2010

bargain shopping

Since the forecast was for more rain today, I took off this early and headed North Portland.  Killingsworth and N. Mississippi St. to be precise.  Kinda surprised by big white flakes, but it couldn't keep me from treading one of my favorite places to find goodies....The Rebuilding Center.   I didn't plan ahead very well, as the building isn't heated -it was a bit cold.  Maybe that was a good thing?  I picked out some cedar fence boards (pre-picketed), found a few 2x4's in a lovely shade of sea-foam and a interesting mix of trim pieces. Another great find were these table legs. Can't believe I found all four of them in a barrel of crappy wood.  I always head for the short pieces of random trim and anything painted a cool color.  Love the seafoam!  Thank goodness i was freezing as I was on a time schedule....meeting "big city" girl friends for lunch.  Wouldn't miss that for anything! 

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