Thursday, December 16, 2010

my humble tiny shop

building my lil' shop
My real job is getting in the way my creative side. I want to focus, but I have two more days left of directing my lil' chicks in the classroom. I guess I could go out to the shop now and start on my list of vacation "to do's"....been up for hours.  It's 3:45 in the morning and it will probably be a bit chilly.  Maybe tonite.....Usually by the time I get home and dinner cruzing, it's dark.  I suppose I'm being a whiner, but I like daylight.   Another cold weather project is my  A bit rough right now, but it won't be long.  Yet another item on my list of to-do is getting my table saw fixed.  It's an awesome Craftsman Cast Iron monster of a saw.  If I just had a bigger shop it would be fully used, but for now it's under the porch of my workshop.  
I built my little shop summer of 2009 with the help of my dad.  He's a carpenter....a good one.   He'll be turning 87 in January.  Notice the white siding.  It was the siding off a 100 year old home we deconstructed here on the farm.  (that's a story for another day) The door shown is from the home too.  I quite surprised when I trimmed it to fit that it was cedar.  Don't think you find many of those around anymore.....but then again this one is 100 years old and still around.....Much of the wood I used was salvaged.  Note the red stained 2x6's in the rafters of porch.  Those were donated by my friends that replaced a cedar deck.  They had so many.  I should of gone back for a third load.....
My little shop is chocked full of goodies.  Especially in the winter as I bring in everything.  In the summer months I store outside the building....but for now it's cramped.


  1. "Deconstructed?" I knocked it down with a trackhoe!!! (Well I had help) And you did get the ceiling boards and some flooring and stuff. And there was the pile of 110 year old newspapers that I accidently ruined

  2. God Bless you and your dad. 87 years, that is really good. Dad died Jan 3 10 years ago and was an excellent animal husband, father, and farmer. He wasn't too bad of a farm carpenter either.