Wednesday, December 22, 2010

paving my way...

The chimney that I spoke of earlier now paves my way daily.  I love bricks.  Especially when they're old... I'd pave the whole yard if I had enough.  They are getting harder and harder to find.  It's almost cheaper to buy new ones at the Blue and White store. They are smaller than normal bricks.....Just like the boards we buy new.  It really bugs me.  The plans I am using call for boards that are .75" thick and the ones I purchased are .699".    THAT TOTALLY SCREWED ME UP!  It comes out to be about 1/16 but it adds up.  What-ever!  I made lots of progress today on our new cubby / wall shelving system despite the strange thickness.  I worked until I couldn't see anymore.  I also found out the site on my new skill saw is off.  I figured it out about 6 cuts into the job but I thought I better just leave it for now.  The sun was out today and that was wonderful, but the east wind was bitter cold.  I've been inside 3 hours and I'm still cold.  Brrr!.... just got another shiver!  Well I better make this quick.  I'm watching "It's a wonderful Life" with my 92 yr. old Father-in-law.  He's never watched it before.......What?  I thought everyone had seen least 100 me!  Happy Holidays!  I'll post photos of my project tomorrow.


  1. He'd never seen "It's a Wonderful Life" before? Isn't that un-american or something?

    Very nice walkway. Maybe the home improvement superstore bricks are made in China and are metric!

  2. Something about a brick. Dense, solid, great foundation for stuff you don't want moving around. My wife once beaned a racoon on the porch roof with a half brick we had at hand. Actually hit it, to their mutual surprise. Shook it's racoon wits a bit, proved wrong all the brothers and boys who told her girls can't throw.

    Missed a chance to acquire trove of paving bricks when they tore up the streets in downtown Webster City some years ago. Stained by coal smoke, drip from Model T oil pans. Locally quarried and fired.

    Your workspace looks totally fun.