Saturday, December 18, 2010

gotta be fast

tacky kitchen island
I spotted a free pallet yesterday....unfortunately i was in my "luxury sedan" and I've promised myself not to haul wood or dogs in it.  I will take the rig today.  Maybe do a loop through the industrial area at lunch.....sounds like I'm looking for drugs.  I do need a good supplier - of scrap. Ha. Of lately, my brother in law has been my only supplier.... cedar and sometimes even some of the good brazilian hardwood floors scraps.  I try and hook up through Craig's List in the free section or materials but it's always a race.  I have had great success giving things away on C.L., but never getting free stuff.  I ripped out a "island" in my kitchen and posted it.  It was gone within an hour or so.  The folks who came to get it were really I would be if I got lucky.  I guess the name of the game is you have to be fast.
My kitchen & dining room has reaped the most changes lately.....besides ripping out the island, we have put in simulated flooring and wainscotting.  Is that the correct term or spelling?  Never quite sure how to say it.  I created the wainscotting with the tongue n groove boards from the house I mentioned in my last post. It was Aunt Alice and Aunt Pearl's home.  My husband has many old time stories about the pair.  I went and actually bought simulated wood 1x2's for the top ledge. So that project is done and now on to the bedroom.  My husband doesn't believe in using the dresser to store his clothing so I am going to build himm a cubbie system.  Ana White has a plan for something that will work.  Pottery Barn did it first..... But I will eliminate the center section. That's my plan.  But first we need to make Christmas cookies.

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