Sunday, December 19, 2010

finally on track

The vacation from the real job of Art Instructor has finally started. I got rid of the kid and I'm embarking on the latest LSD project (not the drug but laura's salvage design).....the bedroom.  I've finished the laundry room, the kitchen (for now), the bathroom and retiled the hall....I'm working north.  Nothing was ever done to this room except a quick coat of paint.  It's actually the den.....We decided to convert the MASTER bedroom into a den / guest room.  It's also where the hubby has his ugly recliner, his record collection, his record player and stereo set up (old school big stuff), his 16mm film collection, his book collection and his old toy collection....oh and his guns and his chest full of ammo.....I better stop as he is one of my biggest fans.  Ha, ha......Anyway we sleep in the tiny den and it's ugly and there's a big crack in the corner and the carpet needs cleaning (because of the dog).  So I am going for it.  I found 2 gallons of OOPS paint in a mellow medium green at Lowes and at $5 a gallon it sounded good. Ana White would be so proud.  Maybe this would be a good time to vent about the "deposit" on paint that our state has put in order. "Oh it's so exciting....blah, blah, to be a state that's leading the way in environmental issues....blah, blah"'s the article about it..... Just for the record we painted our house (interior and exterior) with recycled I know how it works.  Marion County gives it away by the pallet.  It's basically all khaki with tints of green or pink.  If a county has their act together it's great and when they don't the have to charge people who buy new paint.  When I first was charged the "deposit" I asked if I took a gallon into be recycled if I could get my money back.....the clerk had didn't think so.....but if it's a "deposit" and you don't get it back at some point it's just another TAX.  wouldn't  you agree?

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