Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Great Dane pushed us too far....

Yamhill County barn being salvaged
I grew up with cats.  As a kid, I only recall one friend that had a dog.  The concept of "farm dog" was a new when I married a farm boy.  We've been partial to German Shepherds, but they wear out and are kinda expensive.  We have acquired a few really nice hand-me-down shepherds over the years. When our last one was on his way out I gave into the temptation of a cute little puppy one day in the parking lot of Safeway. My cute little puppy is a great dane / aussie shepherd mix and he is devoted to me and loves being a free range dog.  Anyway, he and the brotherlaw's dog got too close to a nutria last week and about lost a toe.  Oh, this really is nothing compared to the porcupine they rounded up last summer.  The vet ordered Stanley to be indoors for a while.....until last night.  I was pretty torked when he weaseled his way into the house and downed 4 of the best pork chops I had ever made.  I was stunned when he once again tippy toed into the house and found a bowl of scraps I left out, but last night was the last straw. When I stumbled through the kitchen this morning, i found the butter upside down on the floor....the pieces started to come together.  I had gone to bed and i faintly remember hearing .."OUT!"  Stanley is officially an outside dog again....all alone in his dog house in the rain....that reminds me I'm suppose to build him a new house.....but I need to score some lumber.  Not alot of folks building in this weather so scrounging is slow.  I need more connections....like the one I had for this barn(see photo above).  It was a major score.  No, I didn't do this job but I did get to go......and I left with a truck full of little windows.  It was an amazing sight.

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