Monday, December 20, 2010

deconstruction memories

1x12's galore....
I've mentioned Aunt Alice's house and all the resources I acquired from the deconstruction, so I thought I'd show you some photos. It was stinky from mice and I found some walls were filled 5 ft up with filbert shells.  It had to come down and it wasn't going down easy.  It was quite sturdy and did an impressive job standing up to the 100 yr. old white fir that came crashing down on it in Dec. 2006.  The in-laws were out east visiting relatives and could of been squished if they had been in their bed that night.  It took almost a year, but we salvaged wood weekly and tried to get a local company to deconstruct it but it was obvious it was up to us.  One afternoon I was getting a little impatient with my hubby and decided to get a big ol' chain.......I hooked it up to the front porch posts and to the back of my Ford F150 and pulled them out (see porch photo).  It just happened that when I was pulling away at them the neighbor with the track-hoe needed for the process stopped by.  I'm assuming he was worried that I was going to hurt myself....He brought it over within the hour.  I think the neighbors got a kick out of watching the slow demise of the house and my struggles.  It was kinda embarrassing having such a mess right next to the road.  In the mean time the in laws moved into the main farm house with my father in law and we planted a manufactured home about 20 ft. away from the mess.  I was happy to have a warm home with no spiders and central heating.  We had been living in another 100 yr. old home.  We needed to be on the family farm and warm.  So it's been fun.  I have brick walkways....and thousands of square nails and some really nice wood for my salvage design creations.....
Chimney going down...lots of bricks!

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