Monday, December 13, 2010

Surviving on PBS

Planter from 2008 show
 The best thing that I can say about OPB (PBS) is that I am starting to understand world politics and it's  getting very depressing.  I have to admit I like the public broadcasting channels, but I wish really wish my husband wasn't such a tightwad and would cough up for satellite.  A person like me needs HGTV and DIY.  It's actually becoming a joke that when I visit one of my sisters homes they automatically suggest we watch HGTV.  Couldn't I actually write off cable on my taxes as it's a business necessity?....just say I was an actual business and paid taxes.  I've been creating and selling on the side (of a real job) for years.  I narrowed my selection of "craft shows" to one grand event a year.  That event is called Cracked's a community of Artists that create with 75% or more of recycled ingredients.  It's so inspiring to see these genius creative types come up with new ideas each year.  Who knew you could weave old fire hoses for a seat of a bench? The last two summers I've refrained from being a vendor....I made this decision when I overheard my 6 year old telling someone "Mommy is in her shop again..."  I felt it was time to devote time to her.  But now I'm back.  I'd like to thank Ana White for that.  I've been wallowing a bit and she got my blood going again.  She's amazing.  She walked away from her fancy computer career in Southern Cal to marry her Alaskan stud muffin.....and wanting Pottery Barn goodies and not being able to afford them (sound familar?) prompted her to build her own.  Check out her site and get free building plans.  She has inspired thousands of women to pick up a nail gun and build!  You can also find her on Facebook.  So I've finished some of my household creations and now I can create to sell.  I just need to salvage.  I've used my stock pile of rough cut 2x4's.  You know the boards that  actually measure 2 inches by 4 inches.  Unlike the 2x4's from the big orange and white that are 1 5/8's by 3.5" -who are they foolin?

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