Tuesday, December 21, 2010

missing summertime

sunflowers planted along the silage corn.
volunteer sunflowers on our river bottom
  Summertime is a time of great productiveness for "laura's salvage design".  I miss the sun. I miss being energized and the drive I have in the warm months.   I can only imagine how people in Alaska (or similar areas) crave sunshine.  Maybe this is why I really love sunflowers....They just motivate me.   That's what I need today...MOTIVATION!  It's nasty and windy outside so I'm being productive inside.  I'm in the process of painting our bedroom.  I got 2 gallons a of an interesting grass/avocado paint.  Hubby hated it.....that's fair. (see photo below) Too much yellow. Reverting to my color theory lesson for my high schooler's....and knowing it was the yellow that was offensive and in need of balancing.....to balance out the problematic color you add the opposite color (please consult the good ol' color wheel for reference). Opposite of yellow is purple.... I've done this before when the regular priced paint I had mixed in "terracotta" reminded me of bad foundation makeup..so I balanced out the pink by mixing in green.....worked like a charm.  Very nice mocha color.  Lovely bathroom color.  (I'll try showing you my bathroom another day)....I knew I had picked up yet another "Oops Paint" a couple weeks ago in a medium blue and blue is as close to purple that I had.....so I started concocting.  I ended up using the whole gallon of medium blue and got an interesting dark grey/blue green.  I know - duh. I took a photo....with the white trim it'll be fabulous!

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  1. 1. I didn't say I hated it. I just said it looked avocado. What if avocado was my favorite color?
    2. I like sunflowers. I was going to plant a whole field of them but the neighbor got a special contract to raise special sunflowers and doesn't want me to grow them because they may cross pollenate. Is he paying me not to grow them? No..
    What if his fancy-bottomed sunflowers contaminate my ordinary sunflowers with their fancy carriage-trade pollen? Will my second rate sunflowers turn red and start sipping wine?
    Now you know why farmers are grumpy.